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Minecraft's big 2023 update includes camels

Meanwhile, strategy spin-off Legends launches in spring.

This weekend saw Minecraft developer Mojang make numerous announcements as part of its annual Minecraft Live celebration - including the first details of 2023's big vanilla Minecraft update.

But in a change to tradition, we didn't get a title for the update or its full list of additions - in response to the fact Mojang has struggled in the past to deliver everything it has previously promised.

For now, Minecraft's 2023 update is being referred to as "Minecraft 1.20", and is confirmed to feature camels, hanging signs, chiseled bookshelves and bamboo crafting - including the ability to build a bamboo raft. Camels look a particularly interesting addition - as they can jump fair distances and fit two players riding on top.

A look at the Minecraft 1.20 update, due in 2023.

Before then, Minecraft will add a range of new default skins to the game on 29th November this year. These characters will add seven more diverse options to the game's starting line-up, alongside stalwarts Steve and Alex.

The other major Minecraft Live announcement concerned Minecraft Legends, the franchise's upcoming and rather intriguing-looking real-time strategy spin-off which is also being made by Mojang.

Legends will launch in spring 2023 and let you (and friends) explore a vast procedurally-generated world while riding on top of a Minecraft animal. An extensive chunk of gameplay shown at Mineraft Live depicted the player summoning up friendly animals and monsters, sending them off to harvest resources, and finally launching them into battle.

A look at Minecraft Legends, coming in spring next year.

Back in June, I chatted with Minecraft game director Agnes Larsson about Mojang's previously missed deadlines for certain Minecraft additions - which led to some features such as the game's Deep Dark biome getting repeatedly reshuffled.

"It's scary to make decisions like that, even if it was for a good reason, but I think it went well," Larsson said at the time. "The community was super understanding and caring, which we're very thankful for."

This weekend's full Minecraft Live show lies below to rewatch from start to finish, and also includes a tribute to late YouTuber Technoblade, the winner of this year's mob vote (which went to The Sniffer), and updates for Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Live 2022 - the full show.

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