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MGS 3DS "just testing the grounds"

Confusion over game's status.

Konami has told Eurogamer that the wonderfully named Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D "The Naked Sample" (3DS) remains "a full product" despite comments from Kojima Productions that suggest otherwise.

On the Kojima Productions Podcast spokesperson Sean Eyestone described the 3DS Metal Gear Solid game revealed at E3 2010 as a "sample".

"There are a lot of interesting comments on that subtitle," Eyestone said.

"Of course, I think we talked about the fact that it is a sample. That's one thing. So you know, not saying that we won't bring it out in the future or anything like that. We can't say one way or the other whether or not something like that will come out on the 3DS. At this point we can't say anything. But what we did show at E3 was a sample of what we can do with the 3DS."

Metal Gear Solid was on a long list of third-party developed 3DS games unveiled during Nintendo's E3 2010 press conference.

The game wasn't playable, but Konami showed off its impressive visuals with a number of impressive-looking screenshots, which you can see below.

Eyestone's comments suggest the screenshots demonstrate the potential of the Metal Gear game that will eventually be released for Nintendo's 3D-enabled wonder.

Eyestone's co-host, Christopher Johns, added: "[We're] just testing the grounds, see what we can do with that platform and see what the fans would say.

"This title, we expect a lot of comments. We want to hear the feedback. Hideo [Kojima] really wants to hear the feedback, especially. I think it might help bring it out, maybe."

"I think so," Eyestone agreed, "because it is a sample and we want to know how it's received. Really that kinda will influence how we move forward from this point. So please send comments. Based on what you've heard, based on the setting, the fact that it's based on Metal Gear Solid 3, things like that – what do you think of it? What do you want to see in that kind of game? Would you like that kind of game? What would you expect out of it? Are you going to buy a 3DS? Would you buy a 3DS for this game? All these questions."

Eyestone went on to explain the game’s puzzling subtitle. "People who played Metal Gear Solid 3 will know it's Naked Snake. But then of course there's the other aspect of being naked when you're looking at the screen, right? Looking at it with your naked eyes. No glasses. Just the big screen on the 3DS, which is pretty amazing the first time you look at it."

Konami is yet to date Metal Gear Solid 3DS.

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