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Marvel at Eurogamer's Skyrim character

Friday afternoon self-indulgence.

We've played Skyrim for a whole hour!

Those of you who checked out our Skyrim hands-on preview last week already know that, of course, so why are we bothering you with this again?

Well, when we played Skyrim - over in Dallas at QuakeCon 2011 - Bethesda told us to customise our characters as we liked and that we'd be sent a screenshot of them in action a little while after the event.

Naturally we filed our copy and then completely forgot about this detail.

So imagine our surprise and delight this morning when an email arrived with the below image attached. (If you need help imagining our surprise and delight, it was roughly equivalent to what you'd experience if you found 50p in the bottom of your jeans pocket. Or maybe a quid.)

This is our Khajiit warrior, sporting a sexy fireball spell in his southpaw and a war axe in his right, wearing some sort of tiara and with what we're sure you'll agree is a rather fetching combination of pricked whiskers and dangling mane.

There isn't much more to say about this image, except that the big old mountain Bethesda posed him in front of looks like The Throat of the World, which, as we never tire of reminding ourselves, is something you'll one day get to climb.

Skyrim's a huge game, so that day may not be the game's release date, 11th November, but that's surely when we'll all buy it, unless something goes spectacularly wrong in the meantime.

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