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Konami teases next Metal Gear

Colour scheme, images suggest Xbox.

Konami has whipped up a website teasing the next Metal Gear game.

The image shows an upside down exclamation mark, a plus symbol, a normal exclamation mark, an equals sign, and what looks like a power button - an Xbox 360 power button.

Underneath are the words, "A NEXT METAL GEAR IS..."

Add to that the black and nuclear-green colour scheme and the Microsoft connotations are strong. It's no secret that the Xbox 360 maker is desperate to sign one of Sony's last great exclusives, after all.

Hideo Kojima has said he will unveil his next game sometime next year, with the Tokyo Game Show most people's pick of the where and when.

However, the Metal Gear creator has expressed a wish to move away from managing the series, and instead hand the reigns to the junior members of his team.

Still, excitement and that.

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