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Inscryption heading to PS5 with new features


Horror deck-builder Inscryption is heading to PlayStation with some exclusive features.

The game mixes elements of psychological horror with deck-building roguelike gameplay and puzzle elements, and was nominated at the BAFTAs earlier this year.

It's already available on PC but will come to PlayStation with extra controller features, though there's no release date yet.

Inscryption accolades trailer.

Your stoat companion will play audio from the controller, atmospheric lighting will "spill out", and there will be haptic feedback to enhance "every grisly action".

The news was shared on the PlayStation Blog, with a new accompanying trailer you can watch below.

Bertie gave the game a rare Essential in Eurogamer's Inscryption review: "You can feel an assuredness of touch and a strength flowing through the ideas in Inscryption, and they combine to deliver such a wallop of an impression it's hard to stop thinking about it."

Inscryption PlayStation announcement trailer.

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