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Indiana Jones & The Infernal Machine

The original tomb raider is back in action! Move over Lara...

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For kids growing up during the 80's there were two major film series which featured heavily in playground re-enactments - the first was obviously Star Wars, and the second was Indiana Jones.

Who could miss the chance to swing across ravines using only your whip, or being chased by an enormous boulder before diving to safety at the last minute, just like the famous scene in "The Temple of Doom"?

Swing It

Well now for all you big kids (and your children) comes the latest in the Indiana Jones series - "Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine".

Don the hat and crack the whip as you assume the role of the famous archaeologist in a battle to thwart the Russians' plans to tap into the secrets of the Tower of Babel.

Cynics might say "It's just Tomb Raider, but with a whip" (hmmm, now there's a thought...) but then again similar things could be said about any third person action adventure game. And while The Infernal Machine has clearly been influenced by Ms Croft's adventures, there are enough new features to keep things interesting.

Indy can perform all the standard tasks you would expect - run, jump, swim and climb. He can also use his whip to swing across gaps too wide to jump, as well as to deliver a handy crack that can disarm his enemies.


Speaking of weapons, Indy has quite an arsenal available to him - automatic pistols, machine guns, grenades, satchel charges, and bazookas to name but a few.

Add to this the extensive use of vehicles like an old army Jeep, and a recreation of the Temple of Doom mine-cart ride which is said to be even better than the film version, and you know this is something special.

The graphics look good all-round, though without being outstanding - the scenery has that familiar chunky Tomb Raider look to it, but the textures are detailed enough that you don't really notice.

The character animation is excellent, and Indy convincingly swings and crawls his way through the 17 chapters.


The game appeals on all levels - Tomb Raider fans will feel immediately at home, and it provides a light-hearted third person alternative for those who are sick of the endless stream of 1st person shooters.

Plus, you get to BE Indiana Jones for a day! It looks like Lucas Arts have another hit on their hands...

Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine will be released on Friday 26th November through Activision.

In the mean time, why not give the demo (34.8Mb) a try? It's great fun.

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