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Imagining World of Warcraft in Jerusalem [article removed]

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Image credit: Eurogamer

This page previously hosted an article, originally posted in June 2018, by a freelance contributor about mapping various elements of Jerusalem society to factions in World of Warcraft. Though well-intentioned, the article was strongly criticised for a lack of sensitivity to the wider situation in Israel, Paelsetine and the Middle East. We quickly came to agree with that criticism and consider it a failing of our editorial processes here at Eurogamer.

We believe in owning our mistakes, so we originally left the article online, although we ceased to promote it, despite the original author asking us to take it down. Over time, however, we have realised that this too was a mistake, and we think it is more responsible and sensitive to all concerned to remove the article. We don't wish to cover up our mistakes completely, however, which is why this edited page remains online with this note.

We continue to learn about our craft every day, and thank you for bearing with us.

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