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Halo Infinite battle pass progression tied to challenges - not per-match XP

"It's extremely difficult to run out of daily challenges."

Halo Infinite doesn't have per-match XP - battle pass progression is tied to challenges instead, 343 has clarified.

"Playing and winning matches will be challenges, which will help players progress through the battle pass," Halo community manager John Junyszek tweeted.

"Even though this means no per-match XP at launch, you're still always progressing through challenges and therefore the BP."

Junyszek later clarified that "it's extremely difficult to run out of daily challenges" - at least regarding 343's current plans for launch.

"I won't say 'impossible,' cause there are some grinders out there, but I'd be impressed."

"Daily challenges for playing matches is the plan for launch," Jerry Hook, head of design at 343, later tweeted. "But we're always looking at ways to expand progression across the board. We'll have more to share about the outcomes from key Tech Preview feedback, including this, in an upcoming blog on Waypoint."

"Using challenges, our goal is that you will always be earning progress in your battle pass through playing and winning matches," 343's latest Halo Waypoint blog post reads. "This will allow you to always jump into a game of Halo and make progress on your goals."

John Linneman, Rich Leadbetter and Alex Battaglia spend the best part of 40 minutes sharing their thoughts on the Halo Infinite technical preview.

Clearly, 343 is not going the traditional battle pass route for its free-to-play Halo Infinite multiplayer.

With most battle passes, progression is tied to experience points gained through play. The more you play, the more experience you gain, the more you progress through the battle pass.

Take Call of Duty's current battle pass system, for example. Progression is gained through play, with various bonuses dished out for match completion and other gubbins. This battle pass progression can be boosted by completing challenges, which come in daily, weekly and seasonal varieties.

With Halo Infinite, however, battle pass progression is tied to completing challenges only.

The news has certainly set tongues wagging within the Halo community. I've seen plenty express concern about the system, some accuse 343 of "timegating" progression and how that may encourage microtransactions (battle pass tier skips, for example), and others suggest the challenges will encourage players to play in specific ways. I'm a little worried about Junyszek's comment about it not being impossible to run out of daily challenges, too. Gamers always find a way, after all.

One aspect of Halo Infinite's battle pass I think has received universal praise is they are permanent. This means the season one battle pass will be around forever, so you can always go back, select it as your active battle pass and continue to earn progress within it.

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