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Halo: Cryptum novel out now

The Forerunners' past revealed.

Microsoft has further expanded the gargantuan Halo universe with a new novel that reveals the truth behind the mysterious alien race known as the Forerunners.

Halo: Cryptum, by sci-fi author Greg Bear, is the first in a planned trilogy of books set in the era of the Forerunners. Fans of Bungie's first-person shooter series will know the Forerunners well: they created the devastating Halo rings.

Cryptum is of course one of many books based on the Halo series. There are also animated films, live action shorts and other transmedia goodies. Halo is big business: to date more than 40 million copies of Halo games have been sold worldwide. Halo: Reach generated more than $200 million in sales in the US and Europe in the first 24 hours of its release.

With the Halo IP now in the hands of Microsoft, in-house studio 343 Industries is staffing up for unannounced Halo projects. Is it working on Halo 4?

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