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GTA Online getting Tron bikes and battle mode

Just an ordinary program.

Rockstar has once again updated its hugely-successful Grand Theft Auto Online - and its newest additions look rather familiar.

Imagine a range of motorbikes decked out in neon lights which emit temporary neon light trails as you ride around and -

Yep. They're the bikes from Tron.

Named in GTA Online as Nagasaki Shotaro bikes, these illuminated rides come in different colours for each of your posse.

There's even a bike vs. bike multiplayer mode, Deadline, where players must avoid touching the trail of their rivals while using power-ups to boost, jump, or slow down time.

The new just-different-enough-it's-probably-not-copyright-infringement additions should be live in GTA Online today. Here's how they look in action:

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