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Grid 2 teased by Codies

Staggered start for new racer.

The long-awaited sequel to Codemasters' multi-discipline racer Grid has been confirmed via a teaser trailer, with more information promised to follow on August 8th - that's next week, calendar fans.

The original Grid was a successful reboot of the long-running TOCA series that shifted the emphasis to urban racing while retaining circuit elements. Tom liked it to the tune of a 9/10 back before I came along and demanded to review all the racing games. Its current-gen stablemate, Dirt, has seen two sequels in the timeframe since, so a Grid 2 feels a little overdue.

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Little's revealed in the teaser beyond the fact that there's likely to be wheels and tires and smoke. There'll be more to come in a full-blooded reveal next week, and hopefully we can bring you the full details around then.

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