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GRAW 2 PC takes shape

New MP mode, map editor.

Tactical fact has spilled from Ubisoft's mouth again, this time highlighting the difference between console and PC versions of GRAW 2.

Developed separately by GRIN, the desktop version of the game will be "more tactical", allowing you to give direct and specific orders to team-mates and plan your strategy on a tactical map before entering combat.

The PC will also get a new multiplayer mode, Assault vs. Recon. In it, one team will play as Ghosts and have access to all the nifty gear and technology of the US military, while the other plays as Mexican rebels with lots of firepower but no fancy gizmos.

Speaking to IGN, Ubisoft confirmed that mouse-wigglers will also gain access to a map editor, whilst both versions will reap the benefits of new digital camouflage, which adapts to different environments that you find yourself in.

There will also be a batch of new weaponry to blow hostile forces to bits with, and downloadable content is planned for sometime in the future.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 is scheduled for release on Xbox 360 on 9th March, and PC on 30th March.

You can tactically manoeuvre your way to our impressions of the game, which are terrorising other parts of our website.

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