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Grand Theft Auto Online's latest update adds Splatoon-like territory control mode

Vinewood squares.

Grand Theft Auto Online just added its latest free expansion, Import/Export.

This update adds the all new Turf Wars mode, which allows two to four teams to compete for control over tiles that you claim by driving over them. It sounds a bit like Splatoon, only with cars instead of transforming squid children. They both have shooting though as Turf Wars' arena is littered with rockets.

Elsewhere, Import/Export is all about stealing cars, as the series' name implies. You'll be able to earn an Executive Garage that can hold up to 60 vehicles, along with Vehicle Warehouses that will house special military grade vessels - some of which operate as boats or glide through the air.

The better the condition of each vehicle upon delivery, the more valuable they'll be to your buyers.

The new vehicle list is as follows:

Special Vehicles

  • BF Ramp Buggy
  • JoBuilt Phantom Edge
  • Karin Technical Aqua
  • Nagasaki Blazer Aqua
  • Brute Armored Boxville
  • MTL Wastelander
  • Imponte Ruiner 2000
  • Coil Rocket Voltic


  • Principe Diablous and Diablous Custom
  • Annis Elegy Retro Custom
  • Pegassi Tempesta
  • Ocelot Penetrator

The Import/Export add-on also allows players to modify their character's appearance once they've already been created.

For more details on the specific of Import/Exports' additions, head on over to the Rockstar blog.

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