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GC 06: Eurogamer's planned coverage

What to expect, including live-text timings.

Eurogamer will be providing live text commentary of the three platform holder press conferences at this year's Leipzig Games Convention on Wednesday, August 23rd. While the following are subject to change, these are the timings we've been given for the conferences, which you'll want to keep in mind:

Nintendo - 10.15 BST / 11.15 CET
Microsoft - 11.30 BST / 12.30 CET
Sony - 16.00 BST / 17.00 CET

Like the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Games Convention plays host to a trio of these press conferences, during which Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are expected to make various announcements. It's hard to say just what they'll talk about (well, it's not - you'd imagine the Wii might come up during the Nintendo one, for example), specifically (oh I see), but announcements are anticipated. Not least because none of the big three are prepared to talk about their Leipzig line-ups in advance.

Other companies, including Electronic Arts, will be running their own press conferences during the show, and we'll be bringing you news of those as and when they occur.

During the week, we'll also be providing coverage of the games and developers attending, with a team of over a dozen - including writers in Germany and the UK - keeping you abreast of all the major events, announcements and available media.

Eurogamer's planned Games Convention coverage includes:

  • Live text commentary of all three conferences, providing a full, up-to-the-minute rundown of important announcements (and significant hats);
  • Video highlights and commentary through Eurogamer TV as quickly as our little tongues can waggle;
  • Podcast specials talking you through the big news from the press conferences and the show, ably presented by whichever of us still has the power of speech;
  • In-depth coverage and analyses from the ground team, with a huge number of games to be covered - across previews and interviews.