WildStar News

WildStar's servers are shutting down in November

Schedule of farewell events revealed.

WildStar developer Carbine Studios is shutting down

NCSoft moving to "ultimately shutter" the sci-fi MMO.

WildStar studio Carbine sheds nearly half of its workforce - report

After canceling plans to bring the MMO to China.

Wildstar goes free-to-play later this month

Alongside major new update.

WildStar is going free-to-play this autumn

Dev feels "strongly" that everyone have a chance to try it.

Huge WildStar content/fix patch release date

New zone with lots of new stuff next week.

NCSoft layoffs claim 60 from WildStar dev - report

Is Carbine in trouble or is this MMO business as usual?

WildStar calls off Christmas, Halloween content

At least it didn't use a spoon.

Sci-fi MMO Wildstar out in June

Pre-order bonuses announced.

WildStar picks subs, but you can trade gold for game time

Carbine sticks up for an unfashionable MMO business model.

NCSoft's sci-fi MMO WildStar will launch in 2013

In the meantime, why not meet the Exile faction?

Carbine's NCsoft MMO is "future fantasy"

Image of "hand-crafted" style released.

NCsoft Carbine MMO announcement soon

Blizzard-packed studio at Gamescom.