Superbrothers: Swords & Sworcery EP

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Humble Indie Bundle 5 breaks records

Latest pack raises $5.1 million from 600,000 downloads.

The fifth Humble Indie Bundle has proven to be the most successful release in the series to date, organisers have announced.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery confirmed for PC and Mac

Eccentric iOS adventure Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery is coming to the PC and Mac, Capybara Games has announced.

It launches on Steam "very soon" and on Mac "before the summer solstice".

Capy intends for the PC and Mac version to be a "faithful recreation" of the original S:S&S EP experience. It said it's been "minorly" adapted for mouse, and the audio and visuals have been "subtly refined".

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Superbrothers dev: Chasing Angry Birds is a "really bad business decision"

"Risky, innovative" titles hold far greater reward.

Developers trying to replicate the success of mainstream smartphone phenomenons like Angry Birds are likely wasting their money and would be better of trying to create something risky and innovative, so says the boss of Superbrothers: Swords & Sworcery developer Capybara Games.

Sword & Sworcery LP announced

Sword & Sworcery LP announced

Superbrothers soundtrack out next week.

A collection of tunes that both inspired and were inspired by recent iOS gem Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery goes on sale from 5th April.

As revealed on the game's official site, Sword & Sworcery LP: The Ballad of the Space Babies is the work of Canadian indie rock luminary Jim Guthrie, who composed the music for the Capybara-developed adventure title.

A vinyl version including 14 songs and a limited edition art print will be available from various retailers for $30; while a digital version featuring 28 songs will be available without DRM from Bandcamp for $8.99 or iTunes for $7.99.

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Superbrothers EP dated for iPad, iPhone

The vernal equinox approaches.

Bewitching iOS sonic adventure Superbrothers EP: Sword & Sworcery hits iPad on 24th March with an iPhone release to follow in April, developer Capybara Games has announced.

Critter Crunch dev shows Superbrothers

Intriguing iOS adventure due next month.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, the new title from Critter Crunch developer Capybara Games, is due out on iOS devices next month, if we've correctly deciphered its cryptic new trailer.