Spelunky 2

There is a single console running Spelunky 2 in the corner of Sony's booth at PAX West, and it is by far my favourite part of the show. The queue is surprisingly small, but it's alive with excited chatter as everyone waiting for their turn talks about the new stuff they can see popping up on screen. It makes for good conversation, too, because there is an awful lot of it. I am a distinctly average Spelunky player but, having spent a lot of time queueing and requeueing, I've now seen rather a lot of a sequel that's familiar but isn't resting on its laurels.

Here's a first look at Spelunky 2's expanded subterranean gameplay

Here's a first look at Spelunky 2's expanded subterranean gameplay

Liquid physics! Rideable mounts! Online multiplayer!

Spelunky 2 is heading to PC and PS4, don't you know, and that's pretty much all we've be told since the game was revealed back in October last year. Now, however, we know a little more - thanks to words and a brand-new gameplay trailer, courtesy of Spelunky creator Derek Yu.

Spelunky 2, which is being developed by Yu's studio Mossmouth, alongside Blitworks, follows the adventures of Ana Spelunky, daughter of the first game's protagonist, and her pals - which include, for reasons unexplained, a very spritely Sloth. In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, Yu explained that Spelunky 2 has been specifically designed to so that series fans can "jump in [to the sequel] and feel like they're playing a continuation, both storywise and mechanically".

To that end, the rogue-like, procedural platform core of the first game remains (and it's still "very challenging", according to Yu), but the sequel ushers in many new features, "that, when added up, really make the game feel different". For starters, alongside the expected new items, areas, monsters, and traps, Spelunky 2 introduces rideable mounts and online multiplayer.

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