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Shadowrun sequel gets Kickstarter treatment

Shadowrun sequel gets Kickstarter treatment

Jordan Weisman wants $400k to follow-up classic RPG.

Classic '90s Lord-of-the-Rings-meets-Blade-Runner RPG Shadowrun is the latest franchise to attempt a Kickstarter-fueled revival.

Creator Jordan Weismann wants $400,000 of your hard-earned cash to make Shadowrun Returns - a 2D turn-based RPG for PC and tablets.

His new studio Harebrained Schemes has managed to get the license back from Microsoft, and will work with original Shadowrun writers and designers on the title, including Michael Stackpole, Mike Mulvihill, Tom Dowd, Malik Toms, Mel Odom, Jason Hardy and Stephen Kenson.

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MS "killed" PC/Xbox cross-platform play

Because PC gamers were too good.

Microsoft scrapped plans to allow PC and Xbox 360 gamers to play shooters like Unreal Tournament 3 and Gears of War online together because during tests "console players got destroyed every time".

New Title Update for Shadowrun

New Title Update for Shadowrun

Patch on Live next week.

FASA Studios expects the second Shadowrun Title Update (patch patch patch patch) to be released on Live "early next week", with the Vista version close behind.

The biggest changes will be an estimated 200 to 300 percent improvement in waiting times for matchmaking games, and much clearer status messaging. When players join a new game now, there will now be a much shorter synchronisation halt in the action, and parties should split less, too - but if they do they will be regrouped later.

Artefacts now clear bodies in Attrition mode, and potential loopholes open to exploitation have been sealed-up: "No, we're not going to elaborate on this," said the developer.

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Vista games cracked for XP

Hacker groups taunt MS.

Shadowrun and Halo 2 - the first champions of Windows Vista gaming - have already been cracked by warez and hacking groups, with patches enabling both to function on Windows XP flying around the Internet's darker regions at the time of writing.

Shadowrun Xbox 360 demo today

As if by magic. Or tech.

The official Shadowrun forums declare that a demo will be released, er, half an hour ago on Xbox Live Marketplace. So, 2am PDT.

Shadowrun demo dated

On Marketplace 6th June.

A demo for cross-platform multiplayer shooter Shadowrun will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace on 6th June, according to developers FASA. But there's no word of a PC demo being released as well.

Shadowrun dated

Cross-platform debut in June.

Microsoft today announced that Shadowrun - the first Xbox 360 and PC shooter to feature cross-platform multiplay - will be released on 1st June in Europe. The PC version has a suggested retail price of GBP 29.99, while the 360 version comes in at GBP 39.99.

The EGTV Show - Episode 10

Hour of Victory, Guitar Hero III, ShadowRun, Football Manager Live.

The latest Episode of the globe-trotting EGTV is all about Guns, Guys and Guitars. Sadly not all in the same game, rather shoulder-to-shoulder in a packed half-hour of televisual temptation.

Shadowrun public beta

Shadowrun public beta

From December to March.

Microsoft and FASA Studios are set to run a public beta test for Shadowrun, starting in mid December and concluding in March.

Reports suggest it's focused on the Xbox 360 version, and that the beta will require you to own a premium console with a hard disk and an Xbox Live Gold account (that said, the sign-up page itself claims that it's also for high end PCs running Windows Vista).

Unlike next spring's Halo 3 beta though, this one requires you to jump through a few hoops - you need to fill out an application, enter some codes and sign up for a forum, and FASA says it's looking primarily for people with enough time to play regularly and a "willingness to communicate" on the forum. So make sure you fill out all those boxes, eh?

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Shadowrun to return on X360?

Classic 16-bit RPG reborn as FPS?

Comments from an animator working for Microsoft's internal outfit FASA - the development studio responsible for MechWarrior and MechCommander titles - suggest that the company is currently working on an Xbox 360 successor to classic Super Nintendo and Mega Drive RPG Shadowrun. Microsoft has officially declined to comment.