Rabbids Rumble

Rabbids Rumble dated for November

Think Pokémon with luchador and dragon costumes.

Rabbids Rumble - the latest in the Rayman spin-off series - will beat their delayed former mascot to stores with a 16th November release date in the UK, according to Ubisoft's new trailer below.

Rabbids Rumble announced for 3DS

Rabbids Rumble announced for 3DS

Turn-based battler terrorises your ears this November.

Rabbids Rumble arrives on 3DS this November, publisher Ubisoft has announced.

It seems to be some kind of Pokémon-esque collect 'em up where you have to go off in search of 100 different Rabbids across seven distinct worlds.

Expect turn-based combat and various mini-games, all of which promise to make use of the 3DS's various unique features.

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