Milo & Kate News

Fable developer Lionhead Studios to shut down

UPDATE: Fable Legends beta ends mid-April. Refunds to be issued.

Lionhead: Project Milo existed before "we'd even heard of Kinect"

Plus: tonnes of new information on Fable: The Journey.

EyeToy Kama Sutra - the game Sony rejected

Plus, the "babysitting game" that never came out.

Molyneux: industry wasn't ready for Milo & Kate

"It was the wrong concept for what this industry currently is."

MS: how you'll talk to AI through Kinect

Life-like, natural conversations coming.

Kitsu Emotional Avatar tech unveiled

Blitz Games Studios takes on Project Milo.

Rare: Voice control the future for Kinect

'Xbox pause' "just the beginning".

Milo "was never a product" - Microsoft

Tech "migrated" to Kinectimals.

Rumour: Project Milo cancelled

UPDATE: MS, Lionhead respond.

Molyneux: Judge Kinect on "the next step"

Sports and Adventures are "pretty good".

Molyneux admits Milo is "contentious"

Doesn't think of it as a released product.

Project Milo back on

"Ball is in Peter's court," says Greenberg.

BBC: Milo & Kate is a tech demo after all

Molyneux explains story, cloud-based AI.

Molyneux responds to Milo release fuss

"Greenberg hasn't seen it since last year."

Milo & Kate coming out after all

Make your mind up chaps.

MS: No plans to release Milo & Kate

Nothing more than a tech demo?

Project Natal "full line-up" at E3

"Very strong" software support pledged.

Molyneux: Natal upgrades "countless"

Recent demos out-of-date, insists designer.

There's much more to Milo, says Molyneux

Natal mascot is part of a "bigger story".

E3: Microsoft promotes Peter Molyneux

Creative direction of MS Game Studios.

E3: MS unveils hands-free Project Natal

Pretty much X720. A bit Minority Report.