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Milo & Kate tech isn't in Kinectimals

Insists Frontier.

The Milo & Kate merry-go-round continued this afternoon after it emerged that the tech used to create the Lionhead-developed Kinect game isn't being used to create Kinectimals as well.

Quotes attributed to VP of Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer in Official Xbox Magazine suggested Kinectimals, which is being developed by UK studio Frontier, incorporates Milo & Kate's clever relationship tech in some way.

Today, Frontier chairman David Braben got in touch with OXM to let the magazine know Spencer was incorrect.

"I'd like to address some stories that are currently circulating, that Kinectimals from Frontier is somehow related to Milo & Kate from Lionhead," the Elite creator said.

"Kinectimals has been in development since before we saw Milo. It is built using Frontier's own technology shared with other Frontier games in development, and ideas evolved from earlier games like Dog's Life. There has not been any involvement in the technology or design by Lionhead. Milo & Kate is a completely separate (and intriguing) development from Lionhead."

Milo & Kate has had a storied week. At the weekend Xbox PR man Aaron Greenberg was quoted on Australian telly saying Peter Molyneux's baby was nothing more than a "tech demo" for motion-sensing add-on Kinect.

He then retracted his comments. But that didn't stop Molyneux having his say.

"Poor Aaron Greenberg," he said, "he's on the PR team, he hasn't seen it since last year, so he came up with this stock answer that Milo is alive and well and living in Guildford but it's still a tech demo."

Whatever next?

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