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FeatureReturning to Metroid

Co-creator Sakamoto on Samus Returns, Prime 4, amiibo and more.

Yoshio Sakamoto worked at Nintendo before he co-created Metroid, but it was his sci-fi series - one that that spawned a whole genre - which made him famous.

You know the story by now. Nintendo announces what amounts to the first Metroid game in 6 years, and the first to bear the Metroid Prime moniker in the best part of a decade, and it's not what the fans wanted. It is very, very much not what the fans wanted, adopting a chibi art-style for its playable mech soldiers, abandoning the sense of isolation and adventure that have been the series' mainstay while Samus Aran, the iconic bounty hunter who's been there from the very start, is almost entirely absent.

FeatureThe E3 Bulletin: Friday

Yosp! Metroid! Cuphead! And that's a wrap!

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