Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number News

Hotline Miami 2's level editor is now live

"Now please go make Hotline Miami 3!"

Half-Line Miami, a free fan-made crossover, is out now

Do you like hurting people, Mr. Freeman?

Gamer Network launches crowdfunded collector's editions of cult games

Hotline Miami! Papers, Please! Hotline Miami 2!

Hotline Miami 2 has an official free digital comic

Covers the backstory of the game's various factions.

Hotline Miami 2 teases March release date via creepy answering machine

UPDATE: Release date confirmed. Payday 2 bonus content detailed.

Hotline Miami 2 banned in Australia

UPDATE: Dev says "just pirate it".

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number out early 2015

With a three-disc vinyl Collector's Edition.

Hotline Miami action figures are selling like gangbusters on Kickstarter

From the company behind the Don't Starve plushies.

Hotline Miami 2 trailer is gory-ous

Love is... dual-wielding machine guns.

Hotline Miami 2 will bring the pain in Q3

Do you like hurting other people?

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number announced for PS4 and Vita

UPDATE: The full list of indie titles revealed for PS4 and Vita.