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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Hands-on with the new multiplayer modes.

I'm standing on a highway, in my underpants, half-listening to a gun battle about two blocks away. I can hear rockets impacting on palm trees, and the sound of AK fire getting closer.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Hands-on with the Vance family.

Lance Vance began life in Vice City as a goofy old hippy, wearing shorts and making cracks about STDs. That's one of the first things we learnt when we got to try our hand at Vice City Stories on the PSP - Rockstar Leeds' second crack at a portable title - following our hands-off walkthrough of a few missions last month.

FeatureVice Captain

Rockstar Leeds' Gordon Hall talks GTA: Vice City Stories.

While the folks at Rockstar North sit around all day throwing paper aeroplanes across the office and laughing at YouTube videos (and developing Grand Theft Auto IV), their sister studio in Leeds is hard at work. Their work is hard because there's just over a month to go until Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories releases on PlayStation Portable. The first PSP title was an unknown quantity almost until launch, and the degree to which the Leeds-based team managed to deliver GTA to a handheld exceeded all previous efforts; but now comes the hard part: escalation. Fortunately, they learned a great deal during the original's development - not just about the game, but the hardware - and much of that has come in handy during VCS' gestation. With this in mind, we quizzed studio head Gordon Hall recently about how the experience compares to the last one, and whether it will ever be possible to drive us to the logical conclusion: a PSP-based San Andreas.

FeatureGrand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

An advance on the added Vance.

Motorbikes. When you look back at it, for all its technical ingenuity and impressive length, Liberty City Stories' main contribution to the retrod streets of GTA III's home were crotch-rockets.