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VideoFrozen Synapse: Red DLC footage

New missions, challenges, co-op added.

Frozen Synapse

Cold war kids.

VideoFrozen Synapse launch trailer

Latest trailer in from the cold.

VideoFrozen Synapse teaser

With lots of nice quotes about the game.

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Frozen Synapse sells 300k - a

Frozen Synapse sells 300k - a "best case scenario"

Success allows Mode 7 to start work on new IP.

Ingenious PC indie strategy title Frozen Synapse has exceeded developer Mode 7's ambitions, selling in excess of 300,000 units since launch.

In a fascinating post-mortem published on Gamesbrief, designer Paul Taylor explained that the studio had set itself a goal of selling 100,000 copies within a year of launch "without a significant marketing spend". That target has been smashed in only five months.

In addition to sales of the full game, the developer also raised $135,000 from a paid beta.

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Frozen Synapse announced for iPad

Superb indie game Frozen Synapse launches on iPad in 2012, developer Mode 7 has announced.

The simultaneous- turn-based strategy game has sold over 300,000 units on PC, Mac and Linux to date, Mode 7 said.

The iPad version will enter beta shortly. A price and final release date will be announced next year.

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New Humble Indie Bundle announced

New Humble Indie Bundle announced

Strategy gem Frozen Synapse has top billing.

A new Humble Indie Bundle has gone live, with acclaimed strategy effort Frozen Synapse taking centre stage.

The set-up is a little different this time round. Rather than paying what you want for a selection of games, this time you'll just be bidding on Frozen Synapse.

Should you decide to pay above the average donation - which is currently sitting at a mere $4.39 - you'll also get a number of titles from Finnish developer Frozenbyte: Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, Splot, and Jack Claw.

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Frozen Synapse sales give dev a future

Frozen Synapse sales give dev a future

Other platforms being "actively considered".

Frozen Synapse developer Mode 7 has thanked everyone who bought its brilliant game and thereby granted a future as a "real company".

"Commercially the game has lived up to our expectations, and then some," wrote a chuffed Mode 7 on its website. "We've made enough [dosh] to keep working on the things we want to work on: we're doing well enough to make sure Frozen Synapse hits its full potential and then start up the next game.

"There a bit of an assumption that if an indie game has a good launch that the money-hats immediately are donned and that everything is, in some way, completed: that's only true if you're Notch! This is really just the beginning of the journey for Frozen Synapse in my eyes.

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Frozen Synapse

Frozen Synapse

Cold war kids.

The spacebar is my best friend. The spacebar is my worst enemy. It tells me what I want to hear, but it lies. With a tap, I see a preview of the fight to come: the bullets that spray from my guns a micro-second before the enemy turns to see me. Spacebar, do you speak truth this time?

Of course not. That beautiful play, that tactician's dream, the spacebar's best-guess preview of what the next phase in the turn-based strategy game Frozen Synapse might hold - it's not real.

It doesn't account for the shotgun-wielding enemy who crept around my flank. It didn't predict that the machine-gunner I was so sure would stray into my path would instead retreat into cover. It certainly didn't see that rocket fired from the other side of the screen into the wall behind my last sniper. Spacebar, I need you - but I cannot trust you.

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Frozen Synapse

Laser Squad's nemesis.

Timing is everything. Half the internet is busy screaming in outrage that the new XCOM is a first-person shooter rather than a turn-based strategy game, and then along comes Frozen Synapse. This is the turn-based strategy game that's going to put its arms around you, stroke your hair and say, "There, there. Mummy still loves you." You have not been abandoned.