Frozen Synapse


Frozen Synapse on iPad in May, Android version "shortly after"

UPDATE: Out 16th May, Mode 7 Games announces.

Video | Frozen Synapse: Red DLC footage

New missions, challenges, co-op added.

Because We May indie sale next week across all platforms

Loads of games discounted in display of developer control.

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Dear Esther! Frozen Synapse! To the Moon! SpaceChem!

Mode 7 to discuss Frozen Synapse at next GameCityNights

Plus, Gunpoint, Pugs Luv Beats talks.

Pay what you like for Get Games' littleBIGbunch GamesAid bundle

Packs five games including the brilliant Frozen Synapse.

Frozen Synapse sells 300k - a "best case scenario"

Success allows Mode 7 to start work on new IP.

New Humble Indie Bundle announced

Strategy gem Frozen Synapse has top billing.

Frozen Synapse sales give dev a future

Other platforms being "actively considered".

Video | Frozen Synapse launch trailer

Latest trailer in from the cold.

Video | Frozen Synapse teaser

With lots of nice quotes about the game.

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Get beta access and a second copy!

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Cats, sandwiches and promotional tricks.

Frozen Synapse

Laser Squad's nemesis.