Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction

The sorry Duke Nukem saga continues as Gearbox sues 3D Realms - again

"Nothing about Duke Nukem is about profit at this point. It's about goodwill."

3D Realms may reclaim the rights to Duke Nukem - report

Cancelled Mass Destruction screenshot leaked, Bombshell won't be affected.

Is Interceptor making Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction sans Duke Nukem?

UPDATE: Interceptor: "We have never officially announced anything in relation to Duke."

Legal battle over Duke Nukem rumbles on

3D Realms files official response to Gearbox lawsuit in Texas court.

Interceptor buys 3D Realms amid Gearbox lawsuit

UPDATE: New owner: "Our only message is we're not all out of gum yet."

Gearbox sues 3D Realms over Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction

Original series creator admits "material infringement" and apologises.

Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction teased for PC, PS4

A top-down action RPG from 3D: Reloaded dev.