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Smart casual.

Relentless seems to be tapping into a curious cultural phenomenon. No matter how much the British are pilloried and stereotyped as braying aristocrats or straw-munching yokels by other cultures, we'll always be better at it ourselves. Never a nation to shy away from a hearty laugh in the mirror, we're our harshest and most accurate critics, self-deprecating with a quietly scathing gentleness which endears us to ourselves. Blue Toad Murder Files is very much in this vein, an excellently observed take on rural Britain - heavy on stereotype without the inherent laziness which this so often implies - wrapped around a murder mystery board-game concept.

FeatureBlue Toad Murder Files

From pop quiz to interrogation in one Relentless step.

They might not make games about shooting monsters in the face in post-apocalyptic American cities, but Brighton-based Relentless Software has made a name and a small fortune for itself nonetheless with its hugely popular range of Buzz! quiz games for PlayStation formats. Despite the series' ongoing success, however, the studio's keen to branch out, and the result is the Blue Toad Murder Files, an episodic murder mystery for PlayStation 3 set to start, and be published by Relentless itself, on PlayStation Network this December.