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Auto Assault a write-off

NCsoft turns off engine.

NCsoft will be terminating all services for MMO Auto Assault on 31st August, and sending it to the great garage in the sky.

Auto Assault gets an update

Auto Assault gets an update

Get yourself some 'respec'.

NCsoft has released a new update for vehicle combat MMO Auto Assault, which introduces all manner of new features - including the ability to buy "respec".

Yes, you can now purchase "respec" in the form of attribute points, skill points and R&D points at various terminals in the towns. Other new features include the option to share missions, link loot and chat to all the players in your faction.

The update also introduces a large number of bug fixes and gameplay changes, along with more than 50 new missions - including some special ones for very high level characters.

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Auto Assault 14-day trial

Take it for a test drive.

If you liked the sound of Auto Assault but didn't feel like taking a chance on it when it came out, you might want to check out the offer currently being run by publisher NCsoft - allowing you to try the game out for 14 days with no guarantees.

Auto Assault official ringtone

Explosions for your phone.

Auto Assault is ever so nearly upon us - and I'm not talking about the bad kind prohibited on my antisocial behaviour order.

Auto Assault beta weekend

Auto Assault beta weekend

In case you missed the other 79.

In case you haven't been involved in any of the other beta weekends, NCsoft is inviting MMO fans to have a go at its post-apocalyptic drive-about Auto Assault this weekend.

The open beta kicks off at 6pm on Friday and shuts down again at a minute-to-midnight on Monday, so there's plenty of time for you to work out if you like the cut of its pistons and what-have-you.

Full details are available through the game's European website, and the actual boxed one will be out this spring. See our Auto Assault game page for all sorts of info, including details of various pre-order incentives.

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Auto Assault special ed details

NCsoft Europe has released details of what you can expect to find in the Auto Assault Collector's Edition box should you decide to plump for it.

Auto Assault is a driving-based massively-multiplayer game. Both standard and collector boxes will ship this spring, and both will include a 14-day "friend's trial key" along with the game so you can give someone else a taste of it.

According to NCsoft, the Collector's Edition will include a DVD copy of the game, microphone headset for comms, a 96-page manual, a map that folds out to show the Central Wastelands, a soundtrack CD, an engraved metal keyring, mutant/human/biomek postcards, a bumper sticker, and an exclusive in-game 'Pet' (a mini RC car). Plenty there then.

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Auto Assault beta kicks off

Auto Assault beta kicks off

Take it for a test drive.

NCsoft is launching the beta for Auto Assault, a new MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic world that lets you fight it out in cars, tanks and - yes - motorbikes.

The beta will take place from 6pm - 10pm on Thursdays and from 9am on Saturday until 9pm on Sunday. To register, you'll need to visit the Auto Assault website.

Billed as "the ultimate in car combat", Auto Assault gives you the option to customise your vehicles with all manner of paint jobs, add-ons, armour and weapons. There are solo, co-op and PvP modes, and the whole thing is built around the Havok 2 physics engine - AA is the only MMORPG to make use of it, don't you know.

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Auto Assault caught in traffic

Now due around spring 2006.

Extremely promising massively-multiplayer car-combat title Auto Assault won't be released until spring 2006 at the earliest, publisher NCsoft and developer NetDevil have confirmed.

Choose your Auto Assault bonus

Vote for an in-game weapon.

NCsoft Europe has announced that it hopes to top its pre-order campaigns for the likes of Guild Wars and City of Heroes by allowing those eager to play Auto Assault, its next big massively multiplayer effort, to elect a favourite in-game weapon to be included in the pre-order campaign for the UK, France, Germany and Italy.