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Angry Birds Star Wars confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One

Angry Birds Star Wars confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One

With DualShock 4 touchpad, Kinect 2.0 support.

Angry Birds Star Wars is coming to next-gen consoles.

Angry Birds developer Rovio Entertainment, Star Wars maker Lucasfilm and video game publisher Activision jointly announced today that Angry Birds Star Wars will be a next-gen launch title.

The mobile game launches today on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Vita, Wii, Wii U and the 3DS. It will also launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November 2013 alongside those consoles.

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Angry Birds movie set for 1st July 2016

Here's hoping Mickey Rourke is involved.

The long discussed Angry Birds movie has officially fallen into the hands of Sony Pictures Entertainment, where the game's developer Rovio announced it's set to come out 1st July 2016. That's a Friday, so clear your calenders now.

The Angry Birds movie officially announced

The Angry Birds movie officially announced

Coming to theaters in summer of 2016.

Angry Birds developer Rovio Entertainment has officially announced that it's making a feature film based on the popular mobile game.

Due in summer of 2016, the CG-animated movie is being produced by John Cohen, who recently produced Despicable Me. Former chairman of Marvel Studios and executive producer of Iron Man, David Maisel, will act as executive producer of the film.

Rovio will retain full creative control over the project by producing and financing the movie "outside the studio system," whatever that means.

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Angry Birds Star Wars HD: an intellectual analysis

Star Wars fan Ellie casts a critical eye over Rovio's latest.

Outrageous, that's what it is. Such a travesty to see something so sacred and so much a part of our cultural heritage exploited in this cynical, grasping manner. Every time this once treasured work of unique artistic majesty is refashioned into another mass market abomination, a part of my soul vomits.

This is what Angry Birds Star Wars gameplay looks like

Rovio has released the first gameplay footage of Angry Birds Star Wars.

After a short sketch involving Angry Birds versions of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, we see the game in action.

It plays like Angry Birds, but with Angry Birds Star Wars characters, all the official Star Wars sounds and Star Wars themed objects in the environment, such as an AT-AT.

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Angry Birds Star Wars out next month

"They are not Angry Birds dressed up as Star Wars characters. They are characters in their own right."

Angry Birds Star Wars launches on 8th November 2012 for iOS, Android and PC, Rovio Entertainment has announced.