Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures Features

Feature | The story of a raiding guild with a PR but no game

Dedicated, professional and putting in upwards of 25 hours a week, Enigma's a tribe without a home.

Feature | Born Free

Age of Conan joins a growing list of freemium MMOs - a wise move, or a desperate one?

Feature | Will Conan Movie Save Age of Conan?

Funcom unveils the Savage Coast of Turan.

Feature | Funcom's Craig Morrison

Age of Conan - one year later.

Feature | Conan's Second Coming

Funcom bridges the content gap.

Feature | PVP in Age of Conan

Crush your enemies (sometimes).

Feature | Funcom's Craig Morrison

Conan's new emissary speaks.

Feature | Funcom's Gaute Godager

On launching Conan - and what comes next.

Age of Conan Week: The Verdict

A pre-review, if you will.

Feature | Age of Conan Week: The Classes

Every class in the new MMO explained.

Feature | Age of Conan Week: The Launch

Northern exposure: game details, wind chill and nipple talk from the Oslo launch event.

Feature | Questioning Conan

An audience in the court of the Barbarian King. For Age of Conan, obv.

Feature | Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

Another look at a life by the sword.