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Free prologue missions announced for StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void

Whispers of Oblivion is free to all and coming soon.

A handful of prologue missions, collectively titled Whispers of Oblivion, are to be released ahead of StarCraft 2's second expansion, Legacy of the Void.

The three missions included with the pack will help connect events from the end of the previous expansion Heart of the Swarm with the beginning of the next, and prepare players for the game's conclusion.

You won't even need to own a copy of StarCraft 2 - or its expansions - to sample Whispers of Oblivion, as the new content will be released completely free of charge. If you want early access to this content, however, you'll need to pre-purchase Legacy of the Void. Expect more details on who gets what and when in the coming month.

Whispers of Oblivion was announced with a fancy new trailer which you can watch below.

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