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Forspoken trailer getting rough response online

Perhaps Frey should have not-spoken instead...

So let me get this straight. I'm somewhere that's not what I would call the Eurogamer office. I'm seeing my name printed on the site. And... oh yeah I'm writing meme round-ups for Eurogamer. Yeah okay that is something I do now.

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. The latest Forspoken trailer was really asking for it though.

Forspoken last made the headlines when its release date was pushed back from 11th October this year to 24th January 2023. It's back again, though this time for a more light-hearted reason.

Forspoken gameplay trailer shown at State of Play, March 2022.

A trailer posted on Forspoken's Twitter account this week has been raising eyebrows. It's meant to tell us more about the setting of the game and lead character Frey Holland. Instead what it manages to do is fill you up with cringe thanks to the dialogue spoken over some bits of gameplay cut together. It's been dunked on far and wide, and if you don't understand why yet, watch it for yourself.

The replies to the trailer have been, unsurprisingly, pretty savage.

And then there's a separate level of roasting - the parodies. If you want to imagine your favourite characters talking with Joss Whedon's quippy style of dialogue, then look no further.

The good hunter finds themselves somewhere that's not what they would call the waking world.

Crash Bandicoot chips in with his signature woah-erisms.

Here's a dramatic reading of Superman as if Tony Hawk was actually Tony Stark.

It's more surprising that this wasn't one of the lines in Silent Hill 2.

Ace Attorney is prime fodder for this kind of dumbfounded reaction.

ProZD flexes his acting chops by adding Mario, Isabelle and Monokuma to his voiceover reel.

Solid Snake experiences the most surreal of them all. Speaking to an anime fan.

Just a regular day in Kamurocho for Kiryu-chan.

Talk about a realm reborn.

And finally, the obligatory Eurogamer contribution to the meme-train comes from our very own Chris Tapsell.

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