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Final Fantasy III DS dated

For Europe in May.

Square Enix has stamped a big shiny release date on Final Fantasy III, which will sit on shelves across Europe on 4th May.

This DS remake will let Western audiences experience the third adventure for the very first time outside of Japan; savouring the game that bought Moogles, summons and the dynamic job system to the world-renowned series.

Obviously it will also feature some updates over its 17 year-old Japanese NES counterpart, particularly support of the handheld's interface and control system.

"The arrival of Final Fantasy III on Nintendo DS showcases the power of the hardware and proves that no compromise has to be made in order to create an adventure of this magnitude for a handheld system," said John Yamamoto, president and CEO of Square Enix. "With over 1.4 million copies already shipped in Japan and North America, we are sure that Final Fantasy III will be a big success in Europe too."

We've already had our grubby mitts on the game, so head over to our Final Fantasy III DS review for a read.

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Final Fantasy III

iOS, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo DS

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