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Final Fantasy 15 - Friends of a Feather, Deadeye battle and A Behemoth Undertaking

Complete the quest and hunt that allows you to rent a Chocobo.

Friends of a Feather is one of the more important side-quests in Final Fantasy 15. Not only does it allow you to undertake the A Behemoth Undertaking hunt and take on Deadeye, but it unlocks the ability to rent Chocobos out in the world - a vital form of transport as you explore the plains of Eos.

Friends of a Feather

Quest giver: Prompto at the start of Chapter 3 as you pull into Coernix Station - Alstor (north east Duscae)
Reward: 1500 EXP, Chocobo Whistle

Once you have the Friends of a Feather quest available at the start of Chapter 3, head to the Chocobo Post in east Duscae, and locate Wiz.

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He'll explain why you're unable to rent a Chocobo, and asks you to 'Join the hunt for Deadeye'. After the cutscene, chat to him again and select 'Talk' to flesh out the nearby map for points of interest - which will come in handy for exploring the region shortly - then go to Hunts, and select 'A Behemoth Undertaking'.

While you're here, be sure to check out the local weapon vendor, who (most likely) sells better versions of every weapon you have right now for a scant 300 Gil a pop.

We particularly recommend the Blade of Brennaere Greatsword for Gladiolus, which is a fire elemental weapon that the Behemoth is weak again. You could also get one for Noctis, but you generally want to keep a safe distance in battle as much as possible.

A Behemoth Undertaking

Recommended level: 15
Reward: 3020 gil, Amethyst Bracelet, 2x Hunt stars

The Hunt is active at all times, and it doesn't matter whether you go day or night as you won't encounter many other enemies along the way. Get a good meal inside you for a stat boost, then from the Chocobo Post, go more or less north to find a path that leads to an enclosed rocky area where Deadeye's den is located.

Head inside, and you'll come to an open area a group of Voretooth to fight. They're weak to ice and strong to fire, but shouldn't take long to clear.

Once done, head right to the dead end to pick up the Crooked Helixhorn, then go back and take a left to continue on the critical path. On the next T-junction, get the Behemoth Horn item from the dead end right, then go left to continue.

Crawl through the space at the end to get a first glimpse of Deadeye proper. After crawling out, head through the foggy corridor, crawling under the tree and eventually over a fence.

This now becomes a stealth section of trying to track Deadeye quietly. He will slowly weave in and out piles of rocks, which you should stay behind, going from one to the next, holding Square / X to cover behind them.

Always stay behind him, making sure the tail is in view, but don't worry about being too far behind - the game will tell you when you need to catch up, so just move on up to the next rock if that appears.

After he makes his way to the end, Deadeye will leap out of the area, giving you the all clear. Go right and squeeze through the gap in the rocks, then draw as much fire as you can from the elemental rocks and prepare as many spells as you can, since he's weak to fire and it'll make the battle go much smoother.

Need more help? Our Final Fantasy 15 guide and walkthrough can provide tips on main story, as well as the open-world's many quests and activities. Learning how to get AP fast, EXP fast and money or Gil fast will aid you in many optional dungeons and tombs - including how to open and explore their locked doors. There's also plenty of interesting side-quests, too, such as the Scraps of Mystery and Professors Protege frog locations. And if you want to get around easier, you can rent a Chocobo, learn the infinite sprint trick and later in the game, get the flying car Regalia Type F. There's also more to see and do with DLC, such as Episode Gladiolus and Episode Prompto.

Deadeye boss battle

Deadeye is big, pacy and hard hitting, and as such, you'll want to keep your distance as much as possible, using Warp strikes and magic attacks when the time is right.

Deadeye is weak to fire, and as the team strategy points out (which is worth getting for easy AP) it's worth trying to aim at the oil drums dotted around the arena with fire, exploding them to deal out some extra damage.

Of course, between then you'll need to cover, in which case we'd recommend warping out of there, then when you're ready, warp strike back in, do a quick combo and back again.

If you get caught in his strikes, chances are your health will go down very quickly, and if it does, then on the outside corner of the arena there is a low wall you can cover behind that the Behemoth doesn't seem to bother you with, where you can do a spot of recovery.

If your party is in a state of danger, then Ignis's Regroup ability (which you can unlock in the Techniques area of the Ascension tree) is a good way to bring everyone back together and recover health quickly.

In summary - deal as much fire damage and Warp Strikes as often as is safe, keeping a safe distance to stay out of harm's way and recover.

When the battle is over, grab the item from the elevated plateau and at the end of the area is another crawlspace that you can bust through, unlocking a shortcut back into Deadeye's den for later.

Now head back to the Chocobo Post and chat to Wiz, completing the hunt as well as the Friends of a Feather side-quest, which unlocks the ability to hire Chocobos from across the game world, call them with the Chocobo Whistle and take part in Chocobo Racing. A good reward, wouldn't you say?

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