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Final Fantasy 13-2 Xbox 360 on one disc

But has same amount of content as 13.

The Xbox 360 version of upcoming Japanese role-playing game Final Fantasy 13-2 comes on one disc, Square Enix has confirmed.

The Xbox 360 version Final Fantasy 13 came on three discs, forcing disc swapping.

Director Motomu Toriyama told Japanese magazine Famitsu (translated by Andriasang) that 13-2 actually has the same amount of volume as 13.

So how has Square Enix squeezed the game onto one Xbox 360 disc? Because the event scenes are real time, Toriyama said. This has the added bonus of event scenes showing your armour changes.

As expected, the PlayStation 3 version of FF13-2 comes on a single Blu-ray disc.

Meanwhile, Famitsu revealed new details on the hotly anticipated game.

13-2 will have quick time events, but apparently if you mess them up you won't suffer a huge penalty. Clearing them grants only subtle benefits.

This time around the Crystarium growth chart does not limit the progress of characters. So, you can make yourself super powerful from the start.

And you can now switch your currently controlled character during battle. Battles do not end when your party leader dies, either.

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