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Fighting Fantasy games will be removed from iTunes forever next week

Big Blue Bubble's series license about to expire.

The iOS games based on Ian Livingstone's choose-your-own-adventure/RPG Fighting Fantasy series of books will be taken off iTunes on 14th August when developer Big Blue Bubble's license on the franchise expires.

When pressed for comment, Big Blue Bubble responded, "The agreement that we made was for a specific amount of time and that time is now lapsed. I am not aware of the apps being picked up or ported by anyone else." So don't hold your breath for these coming back anytime soon.

Titles being removed include:

Going forth the series is being handled by Gamebook Adventures developers Tin Man Games. Its adaptation of Livingston's most recent title, Fighting Fantasy: Blood of the Zombies, is due later this month.

Tomorrow morning we'll have a review up of the Blood of the Zombies book. This won't be the first time Eurogamer's reviewed a book, but it will be the first time we've attached a score to one, so look out for that.

Fighting Fantasy: Creature of Havoc

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