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Fear the toot of Thomas the Tank Engine in Skyrim


Toot, toot.

And its true nature was revealed: Thomas the Tank Engine, a hero to millions of children across the world, terrorising the poor people of Skyrim.

Thomas, dead-eyed and pasty-faced, tooting his horn. Thomas, reassuringly blue, smashing holes in walls. Thomas, the friendly steam locomotive, letting off some steam. Through his mouth. Except his mouth never moves. And instead of steam its fire. Terrible fire. Skyrim will never be the same again. Thomas is coming.

The video below shows Skyrim's traumatic opening made nightmarish by a mod called Really Useful Dragons that replaces the game's dragons with Thomas, the Really Useful Engine.

Here's the plan, straight from the modder's mouth:

  • All vanilla dragon models replaced with Thomas the Tank Engine characters. Yep. You read that right.
  • All dragon sounds replaced with appropriate sounds. This doesn't count voices though, I'm not willing to rip Ringo Starr's voice just yet.
  • Some dragon spells replaced with more appropriate versions of said spells. You'll see what I mean.

Download it from Steam or Nexusmods, and never be the same again.

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