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Eurogamer seeks new staff members

To edit news, sell ads, design graphics.

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Calling all game-loving, hard-working, non-thieving jobseekers: Eurogamer Network is now hiring.

As you can see over on, there are four jobs up for grabs. We're looking for a News Editor to work on - one who can define, develop and execute our news strategy, and not get so annoyed with PRs not answering the phone they start setting fire to things. You must live, breathe, eat and sleep news. And use news to polish your shoes. And put news in your sandwiches. And rub news you get the idea.

We'd also like a US News Editor, please - someone based on the East or West coast of America, who has experience and good contacts and knows what a Twitter is. It would help if you're prepared to accept that the word "colour" should have a U in it.

Or perhaps you'd like to be an online ad sales manager? This involves managing existing and new clients in order to grow market share across a network of websites and digital platforms, and probably wearing red braces which you snap when you're excited.

And finally we're looking for a graphic designer. You must have experience in the field plus a strong knowledge of software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint and Minesweeper.

If any of the above take your fancy, you can apply via

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