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Eurogamer says goodbye to Wingo

Now hiring for new Ad Trafficker.

Eurogamer is sad to announce that Andy "Wingo" Wingrave, the most Scottish person we have ever employed, has decided to ditch us and go work for some glitzy advertising agency in riot-loving London.

Although we have only known Wingo for a short time, he has already built a permanent home in our hearts, where we expect his many catchphrases – such as, "I hear what you are saying, but aaaaaaah..." – to reverberate forever.

He was also perhaps our second or third best FIFA player, and when it came to swearing during games of FIFA he was our undisputed champion. A mercurial talent.

"Wingo was like a flatmate to me," Eurogamer community manager Tom Champion, a former flatmate, told us earlier. "I will never forget him until he pays me back for all those teabags."

Wingo has been with us for nearly two years, during which time he has served as Ad Trafficker, responsible for scheduling, tracking, optimising and providing reports on delivery of the adverts that help us pay to give you so much free content.

As such, we are now looking for a new Ad Trafficker and will be interviewing for the role shortly. If you're interested in becoming The New Wingo and joining the Eurogamer family in an entry-level role, check out the details on our sister site

Goodbye Wingo. You will always have a place here. Please hand in your keyfob by close of play.