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Eurogamer readership survey 2015

Tell us who you are and what you think about things like reviews, video and subscriptions.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Hello! Every once in a while we put together a reader survey to poll our readers and find out a bit more about who you are, what you play and what you like. We've just put our latest survey online and it would be a massive help to us if you could fill it out.

The information you submit - which is also gathered from the readers of other Gamer Network sites, like Rock, Paper, Shotgun and VG247 - is anonymous and used purely to help us build a picture of who we're talking to. This in turn helps us on the editorial team make a site that you'll find relevant, useful and enjoyable - and it helps our friends in the ads team do their jobs, which helps us pay the bills. As well as telling us a bit about yourself, we've asked for some feedback on the games media in general, such as how you feel about reviews, video, and website subscriptions.

So if you have a moment to spare, please head over to the survey, hosted on SurveyMonkey, and fill it out. We'll owe you one.

And if you've any more specific feedback on the site, you can always reach me on email at oli at eurogamer dot net, or via private message here on Eurogamer - my username is Oli.

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