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Dante vs. God of War III! Activision vs. Infinity Ward!

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It's that time again... again! Welcome back to the Podcast, where your favourite writers wrestle with controversy and get superkicked off the top turnbuckle into the foam hands of debate.

Tom Champion is your host once again, ably flanked by editor Tom Bramwell and news editor Robert Purchese. As a special treat, we're also joined this week by contributor Christian Donlan, who just finished reviewing God of War III for the site.

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Highlights this week... Or rather, this week we discuss God of War III and how it stands up to the "charms" of EA's Dante's Inferno, and we also dive headfirst into the amazing slanging match that has become Jason West and Vince Zampella's exit from Modern Warfare 2 developer Infinity Ward.

Not content with that (you won't be), we talk about the whole issue of review embargoes, why they exist and whether they're good or evil, and we also grill Donlan about the life of a freelancer.

There are also more of your questions, far too many references to Peter North (don't Google it), and the beginning of the hype machine that is the run-up to our historic 10th anniversary podcast next week. Don't miss it, unless you're a lawyer representing one of the abovementioned companies/individuals.

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The Podcast is published at 3pm GMT every Tuesday. Next week's podcast will include all the things you like and none of the things you hate, or some variation on those proportions.

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