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ApocalyPS3! Nintendo! Trousers! Plus: Johnny Minkley!

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Yes, it's time to find out what your licence payer's money is being wasted on once again with episode 8 of the Podcast.

As always Tom Champion is sitting in the host's chair, which now bears his distinct imprint. Tom Bramwell and Ellie Gibson join in the "fun" along with Johnny Minkley, star of Eurogamer TV and BBC Rrradio 1.

Also as always, you can download the Podcast as an MP3, stream it below or grab it on iTunes. Here's an RSS link:

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This week we discuss the PS3 clock fiasco, which seemed topical at the time, and the all-important question of which console is most suitable for constructing a pair of trousers from.

There's some hot debate as we ask whether Nintendo has abandoned its hardcore fanbase, or whether everyone should stop complaining and get on with playing Women's Murder Club. Plus, Minkley answers YOUR questions - well, question - and discusses the issue of video reviews.

On top of all that, there's a chance to win a downloadable game with what may be our least imaginative presentation of the code yet. Exciting times.

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The Podcast is published at 3pm GMT every Tuesday. Next week we'll bring you yet more searing insight and boiling hot debate, not to mention rubbish jokes and general abuse.

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