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Eurogamer.net Podcast #73

Starring the Team Bondi emails and PS4.

Hello! Welcome to the latest instalment of the super-serious, highbrow industry natter-'em-up that is the Eurogamer.net Podcast.

This week's big stories are of course the news that Team Bondi may have treated its workers a bit shoddily while building L.A. Noire and the, er, "news" that Sony plans to launch PlayStation 4 next year.

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Host Tom Bramwell (me but in third person) and guests Dan Pearson from GamesIndustry.biz and Eurogamer's John Bedford get stuck into these subjects at length, debating whether the alleged chaos and slightly mental working conditions of Team Bondi can possibly be justified, even by a really good game like L.A. Noire.

Is this sort of thing unusual, or is it just unusual to hear about it? How commonplace is this kind of "permanent crunch"? And what does it say about Rockstar Games itself and Team Bondi figurehead Brendan McNamara? Third-rate views on all of that.

Plus, we dig into DigiTimes' interesting and slightly alarming suggestion that PS4 is going to launch next year. Can it possibly be true? Probably not, but some of the other claims look more valid, so what should we believe?

Amazing scenes, we're sure you'll agree, dear listener(s).

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The Eurogamer.net Podcast is published every Tuesday at 5pm UK time.