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Wii 2! PlayStation Notwork!

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4619 7453 343-Aieeeeeee! Wow, sorry, you startled me. I was just writing down some 16-digit numbers that I, er, found. They can't be very important though, right, or they would have been better protected?

Anyway! What are we talking about on this week's podcast? Oh yeah, there was a minor break-in – ever so minor, probably not even worth a mention – at Sony's PlayStation Network, where a few minor details were maybe stolen by parties unknown. This has prompted an extremely diligent review of security by the already very secure and diligent security forces of Sony.

So, in the absence of regular host Tom Champion, guest host Tom Bramwell is joined by Eurogamer senior staff writer Robert Purchese and regular contributor Christian Donlan to talk about PSN and other topics.

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The podcast was actually recorded a couple of days before the latest minor, barely even newsworthy, revelations that Sony Online Entertainment also had some problems and a few digits might have slipped through the net. But since none of this is really a big deal it probably doesn't matter.

Far more importantly, this week's podcast also includes unbridled speculation about Nintendo's new home console, due to be unveiled at E3. Codenamed Project Cafe, it's due out next year and rumoured to include special controllers with touch-screens and high-definition bathroom scales.

Plus there's another instalment of Sandy Isle Games, and some extremely exciting news regarding Metabet! Fans of hyphenation will also be able to scoop a copy of Section 8: Prejudice with a bit of artful listening towards the end of the show.

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The Podcast returns to its usual slot of Tuesday 3pm BST starting next week. Tom Champion is never going on holiday again.

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