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Sex and the silly.

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Hello there! Hold onto your headphones, pop pickers - it's time for the podcast! Yes, we had too much orange squash with lunch!

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Say hello to your host, Tom Champion, and goodbye to established broadcasting standards as he's joined by deputy editor Ellie Gibson and reviews editor Oli Welsh.

This week's hot topic: sex, games and Ken Levine. We discuss the BioShock mastermind's assertion that nudity in video games is silly, and too much like the sexy bit in Team America rather than the scissors bit in Black Swan.

Next up is Sandy Isle Games, and this week's selection comes from (formerly?) loyal reader Stephen Beattie. He's picked a couple of golden oldies along with a modern classic. Tune in to find out whether you agree with his choices or just think he's an idiot.

Then it's time for Metabet, and an exciting X-Factor-style face-off. We listen to theme tune submissions from no less than TWO plucky contestants, Adam Carr and Chris Sadler. Yes, Ellie gets to be Cheryl, because of their astonishing physical similarity.

Who will win a Christmas No. 1 followed by a swift descent back into anonymity and possible appearance on Celebrity Come Dine With Me in four years' time? YOU DECIDE.

Eventually we get round to announcing the latest Metabet results and revealing next week's predictions. And at the Borchester Market Developments meeting, Lilian suggests Brian will be more appreciative of Jennifer when she returns from South Africa.

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The Podcast is published each Tuesday at 3pm UK time. Cher Lloyd was robbed.

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