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Eurogamer.net Podcast #53

3DS! Dead Space 2! Velvet owls!

Bonjovi amigos! Yes, it's time once again for the Eurogamer.net podcast. Tom Champion is your host, and this week he's joined by editor Tom Bramwell and deputy Ellie Gibson - not to mention a very special guest.

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Well, we say very special. Actually we just picked this guy because he's played Dead Space 2, which is out this week, and because he didn't have anything better to do. Which is arguably astonishing.

But, you know, he's very special to us. Say hello to former PC Zone editor and regular Eurogamer.net contributor Will Porter!

This week Will, Ellie, Tom and Tom talk about Nintendo's recent 3DS showcase in Amsterdam, and whinge about the price a lot. Plus there's some chat about the attempt to report COD: Black Ops to the Office of Fair Trading - where's Lynn Faulds-Wood when you need her?

Expect more outrage and fury (all right, more pathetic sighing) when we discuss the price of Mass Effect 2 on PS3. £47.99! Just think how many wells in Africa that could buy, listener(s).

Then it's time to quiz Will Porter, otherwise known as The Velvet Owl for reasons not really explained within, on Dead Space 2. He answers your questions about what the game's like, just how scary it is and whether the multiplayer's any good, coming uncomfortably close to breaking the embargo which expires in two hours in the process.

Meanwhile: Champo introduces an Exciting New Feature we probably should have thought through a bit more. The Velvet Owl is this week's guest hyphenator. And back at Lower Loxley, Usha offers support as David struggles to get to grips with Nigel's filing methods.

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