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Eurogamer.net Podcast #15

QA expert Dan Jacobs tells all.

Yes, the Eurogamer.net podcast is back once again, with the ill behaviour, D4 damager, power to the people etc.

This week our special guest is Dan Jacobs, who's spent ten years in the games industry and is now a Quality Assurance manager. That's right, he's in charge of finding all those pesky bugs, and he can tell you a thing or two about why games get released even though they're not quite finished.

And he does, on the Eurogamer.net podcast, which is hosted once again by Tom Champion. Joining him in adjacent squeaky chairs are Eurogamer.net staff writer Dan Pearson and deputy editor Ellie Gibson.

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We put both your questions from the forum and our own to Dan, asking him how QA works, how to get into the industry, and whether it's worth the bother.

We also discuss what we've been playing lately (Final Fight! Splinter Cell: Conviction! Monster Hunter Tri! Sorority Life!) and events in the news (Nintendo Made Me a Nympho!).

On top of that, we have some game codes to give away from our generous friends at GOG.com. We're not telling you how you can get hold of them, so you'll just have to skip to the end of the podcast, but let's just say there's no HYPHENs involved.

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The Eurogamer.net Podcast goes out every Tuesday at 3pm GMT. Come back next week for more exciting chat about the crazy world of contemporary videogames, and perhaps even more live on-air debate about the validity of various competition entry structures.

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