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World Cup! Nintendo 3DS! More PS3 mentalness! Prostitution.

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Hello and welcome to the 12th instalment of the Podcast, this week featuring two Toms, two girls and a level of insight and wit best described as "consistent with the quality of our previous output".

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Host Tom Champion takes control of proceedings as usual, and he is joined by Tom Bramwell and Ellie Gibson from and Cat Channon, publisher of our new dedicated kids gaming site.

With plenty of stuff in the news this week, the gang get to talk through our impressions of 2010 FIFA World Cup, the Nintendo 3DS, Sony's decision to chop Other OS support out of the PlayStation 3 and plenty more.

Cat also offers us a unique insight into what it's like to conduct focus testing with children, and Ellie rabbits on about sodding Farmville again.

We also discuss Microsoft's "ballsy" decision to charge 80 quid for a cutting edge hard disk from 2006, contemplate the forum's discovery of a service where you can pay to play games with girls, and generally do 150 per cent of the things the boss told us off for talking about last week.

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Join us next week for a very special Podcast - an Easter special, if you like. Expect surprises.

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