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Eurogamer.net Podcast #100: Ellie returns! And we filmed it!

Gibson takes a break from motherhood to celebrate the parcast's centenary.

ONE HUNDRED PODCASTS YOUNG! We can hardly believe it either. A mere two and a bit years after we started doing a weekly podcast, this is the 100th time we've got together in a room and attempted to chain topical video game information together with feeble jokes. I suppose that makes sense actually.

Even more amazingly, given the special occasion and the total absence of new game releases to remark upon, we thought we would place the fate of this auspicious event almost entirely in your hands by inviting you to question our crack podcast team on their memories of the last two years and hopes for the next two.

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We also went to extreme lengths (i.e. bought some train tickets) to bring the original podcast line-up back together for #100, so, as you'll see, host Tom Champion is delighted to welcome Tom Bramwell, Oli Welsh and Ellie Gibson to share their views on such diverse topics as Viva Pinata and the future of digital entertainment.

And the key word in that paragraph, as some of you may have noticed, was "see", because we are also marking this incredible landmark by filming the Eurogamer.net Podcast for the first time. Amazingly, the words "and perhaps the last" are not marching in the direction of that sentence, either - we'll aim to film them all from now on for those of you who want to stare at us while we say stupid things rather than having to imagine the circumstances of our witlessness.

We hope you enjoy it, improbable though that may be, but in either case we would like to say thank you very much to anyone who has listened to our ramblings over the last two years. We've very much enjoyed oversharing them.

Watch (YES!) as we 'create' Eurogamer.net Podcast #100.