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Eurogamer launches Steam Curator page

Get our latest recommendations on what's good on PC - as well as a pick of some old favourites.

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You've probably noticed if you've logged into Steam over the past day there have been a few changes. Valve's Alden Kroll was kind enough to run us through them yesterday, but in short they're aimed at making it easier to discover games in the ever-growing swell of titles on the service. Part of that is the introduction of Curators, and of course we're not ones to miss out on a party so we've set up our own page.

You can find the page here, where there's currently a host of games we recommend as well as links to some of our fine words about them.

Mostly it's just an excuse for us to remind everybody that Clash of Heroes probably is the best game of all time ever and for all eternity forever more, but hopefully it'll blossom into something of a service for you as well. We'll be updating it on a regular basis as more games cross our radar, so if you're after a quick and easy way to keep on top of what's worth playing on PC we'd be much obliged if you'd give us a follow.

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